Terms of sale

If you decide to purchase a kitten in our cattery, please carefully read the conditions for the purchase of kittens in our cattery:

1) A kitten is considered reserved only after making a deposit. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE!!! and is considered a compensation for the maintance of a kitten and the lost opportunities for its sale.

2) At will and at the expense of a Owner before a kitten is sent to a Owner's house, the Breeder may invite specialists from the laboratory to the house to take a kitten's tests for all the infections that a Owner is interested in. If a Owner did not use this right, then claims on the health of a kitten will not be considered in the future.

3) The breeder is not responsible for the loss of the qualities of an animal due to the fault of a Owner or in case of unforeseen situations (accident, consequences of a severe illness, inappropriate maintance, nutrition, etc.). Assessment of quality and health status is made at the time of the transfer of an animal.

4) We prefer that a owner personally come for a kitten, therefore the Breeder is not responsible for the quality of the cargo transportation or the delivery by the courier of animals and the consequences associated with the transportation. Responsibility ends at the time of transfer of an animal to the cargo or courier.

5) A owner undertakes to keep an animal in quarantine for 14 days.

6) A owner undertakes to inform the Breeder in the event of any problems with an animal, which could subsequently lead to a disputable situation between the parties.

7) When using a photo of an animal as an advertisement, the full name of an animal must be indicated. A owner undertakes to place a photo of an animal with the indication of his full name with the prefix ALEKSA POINT / BAMBIELF MYSTERY on his website.

8) An animal is transferred to a Owner for breeding work only inside a closed type of private cattery for personal use only. If a stud is obtained, it is not permissible to open this cat for public use and provide breeding to other cats of other catteries. A owner undertakes to mate a stud, obtained from the "ALEKSA POINT / BAMBIELF MYSTERY" cattery only cats directly belonging to him.

9) The rights to breeding work are indescribable!!! An animal with the rights of breeding use can not be sold or donated to a third party with the same rights. At the end of the breeding work, an animal obtained from the "Aleksa Point / Bambielf Mystery" cattery should be castrated/sterilized.

In our cattery you can always get kittens for breeding and as a pet.

Liked kitten can be reserved, making a deposit of 30-50% of the total cost of a kitten. In case of refusal of a buyer from a kitten reserved by him, the deposit amount can not be returned. The period of reservation is established by mutual agreement of the parties.

All kittens leave the cattery not earlier than three months old. By the time of sale, all the kittens have been vaccinated, accustomed to the tray and have a full set of documents - the FIFe pedigree and a veterinary passport with notes on vaccinations.

Together with a kitten you get a gift from the ROYAL CANIN company.

We prefer that a buyer should come for a kitten personally, but if you do not have such a possibility, we can help in the delivery. Delivery costs are negotiated separately.

It should be understood that a buyer's decision to purchase a baby in our cattery is weighed and deliberate. If a buyer for some reason (a kitten gets bored, will have an allergy, etc.) decides to return a kitten to a breeder, then a kitten will be naturally accepted back by the breeder free of charge!

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