Bambino Cat Breed Information

Bambino is the new generation of cats. The breed of bambino cats is so young that it is too early to talk about their character, their inclinations to illnesses, or some bright features. They appeared accidentally, like the snowshoe breed, in the state of Arkansas. A strange kitten was purchased by the couple, who had no idea what kind of breed it was, and gave the name Bambino, which eventually became the breed's name. As it turned out, the kitten's parents were a hairless Canadian Sphynx and a cat with short legs - Munchkin. Who of them is Mom and who is Daddy is unknown, but Bambino cats took away both their gene - hairlessness and short legs. They are even sometimes called a cat-dachshund.

The appearance of a cat

The breed of bambino cats has a small growth, they are stocky. The body is strong, hot, the chest is barrel-shaped.


  • Weight - up to 4 kg. Boys are slightly larger than girls;
  • The eyes are widely spread, resembling a lemon in shape;
  • The ears are set straight;
  • The tail is long, the tip can have a tassel like that of a lion;
  • The skin has wrinkles, especially in kittens;
  • Color - light, gray, may have pigmentation;
  • Life expectancy is up to 15 years.

Feeding Bambino

Due to the constant maintenance of the temperature, they require slightly more high-calorie food. The diet should be like the Canadian Sphynx cats have:

  • Low-fat raw meat;
  • Bird, especially useful chicken;
  • Fish, but only sea and not more than 1 time per week, and scalded with boiling water;
  • Dairy and sour-milk products;
  • Vegetables, greens;
  • Ready special dry food of super-premium quality for cats.

Bathing a cat

To the water they have a completely cat-like attitude - the bambino does not like water. But if they are accustomed to water procedures from the very childhood, but they will be indifferent to it.

A bath days they need at least a couple of times a month, since their skin is allocated a special fat layer, but nature does not take into account one - it gets dirty.

The water temperature should be around 25 degrees, you can use only a mild soap, or a special shampoo for cats. To the cat a little more like water, after each bath treat her something delicious, so she will develop a pleasant association.

With proper care, feeding, paying attention, caring and affection, you will grow very nice cats who, with age, have the character of small kittens and spectacular appearance, as in the photo above.

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