Our Graduates


LV* Aleksa Point Afrodita & LV* Aleksa Point Georgy

Canadian Sphynxes Afrodita (blue color) and Georgy (blue point colot) live in Canada and take part in cat shows.

Afrodita at the cat show in Canada:

Georgy at the cat show in Canada:

A couple of our graduates in Canada have wonderful children: 5 boys of blue color!!!! Thanks to Elena and her wonderful family for the love and devotion to our "sweet couple and their children"!!!!!

LV* Aleksa Point Ducati

Canadian Sphynx female-cat of red bicolor color (SPH d 03). Lives in Finland.
At the moment she has the highest title - World Champion in WCF system!

Results of previous cat shows:

On October 20-21, 2012 Ducati and her owner Irina took part in their first cat show and started her show career in junior class at the SIRENA TIGER show in Tallinn!
Ducati received EX1 and nom BIS at the first day anda EX1 and 6th place in WCF ring at the second day!

In November, 2012 our she visited CATO cat show. First day results - EX1 and got special award in ring. Second day results - EX1 и nom BIS!!!

Our congratulations and wishes to have best career opportunities for our lovely girl!!!


LV* Aleksa Point Diva

Our graduate ALEKSA POINT DIVA - Canadian Sphynx of black tortie bicolor color SPH f 03(IV)
on October 6-7, 2012 visited her first international WACC system cat show in junior class with her wonderful owner Julia in Tallinn, Estonia. Both days Diva was BIS nominated and received CACj, BIS, BOB.

Our congratulations and great future results to our little star Diva and her best owner - Julia!!!

The testimonial from Catherine (owner of LV * Aleksa Point Elway, lives in London)!

The very best owners Catherine and her friendly family were waiting for our boy LV * Aleksa Point Elway (Canadian Sphynx of red color, SPH d) in London (UK). The road was long, but it was worth it! We want to say a big thank you to Catherine and her family for the love and affection for our kitten!

The testimonial from Catherine:

Thanks to Aleksa Point *LV & Bambielf Mystery *LV catteries in the person of breeder Zaibana Balabaja! Everything at the highest level! 🌷🌷🌷 Our boy Elway in on the way right now, our champion will soon be in the UK... We are waiting, a few days and our kid will be with us!!!!

Our boy came to the UK! Thank you, Zainaba Balabaja... 🐈🐈🐈🐈
He is just a miracle 💋

Photo of LV * Aleksa Point Holly from her new home in Latvia!

Our girl LV * Aleksa Point Holly from the "H" litter in a new house in Latvia! She is loved and well-groomed! Thanks to Alexander for the photo!

Dandy from Bambielf Mystery*LV

Our handsome Elf Dandy from Bambielf Mystery*LV in the new home!!!

Azure from Bambielf Mystery*LV

Message from the new owner:

Zainaba Balabaja, thank you for Persik (Peach)  ❤️  He is the best friend ever 🤗

Our answer:

Another our graduate: Azure from Bambielf Mystery*LV (Persik (Peach) at home!!!!) in a loving home!!!! THANK YOU, Svetlana for the love and care for our baby  ❤️   ❤️ 😍

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