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Hello, we are glad to meet you on our site!

We are two owners of wonderful catteries - LV* Aleksa Point (CFCA) and Bambielf Mystery *LV (WCF). We are located in Riga, Latvia (Europe).

Our cattery was found on 20th of July, 2007 as LV*Aleksa Point. Our cattery is registered in CFCA "FIFe" system (REBUSS club). And Bambielf Mystery *LV is registered in Mooncat club in 2017.

In our catteries you can find Canadian Sphynx, which has excellent pedigrees and new blood, as Bambino and Devon Rex.

At the moment we are having 4 breeds in our cattery: devon rex, Canadian sphynx, bambino and dwelf, which already was born in our cattery.

When we decided to take our first sphynx, I personally fell in love with these wonderful cats with the very first sight. When I took one of them in my arms for the first time it felt amazing — their skin is soft and warm, they smell like milk and cinnamon and their eyes + when they look at you it seems like they're looking straight to your soul. 

First cat in our cattery was black and red tortie- Betty. We loved her very much!

In many ways Sphynx is like a baby. Their mental abilities can be actually compared to those of a three years old child. I try to keep a constant connection with my cats — I talk to them, I train and teach them.
By the way, Canadian Sphynx is very easy to train. You can teach them a lot of basic tricks (say, how to bring a toy or stand on their hind paw).

Canadian Sphinx is not only a cat. It's a Friend in the first place. It's there for everything that is happening in your life and in your house — when you cook, when you watch TV, when you sleep or even shower your cat follows you eagerly.

My cat, Butterfly, for example is always there when I come home from work. He greets me with a happy "ma-ma" sound and then wants me to kiss him. Canadian Sphynx is a very kind, loving and sociable cat. If you spend most of your time at work and don't really have any time for your cat in the evening this breed is not for you. But then again, you can have two of these wonderful creatures so that they can play together while you're out. Besides that, Sphinx has no problem living under the same roof with any other kind of pet you might already have — dogs, rats, parrots+ you name it. Sphynxes are very curious about everything and everyone. They are not afraid of new people so the will never hide under the couch if you have invited guests for a party. On the contrary, they will come out and meet everyone with great pleasure. There are only a few cats in our cattery and that allows us to pay as much attention and love to each one of them as we can. 

We have new blood in our cattery, we bought ELF cats and Bambino, we felt in love with them from the first sign!

In 2017 we decided to breathe new life in our cattery and bought our lovely Elf boy- Egorka iz Mira Mechty, his color is black tabby harlequin.

And at the same year, in June we decided to buy a new lovely girl -bambino breed - Aurora Second Sun*LV, she is black color point.

All our children lives with us and take a part in international shows and exhibitions, and become licensed certificates and nominations. Our main goal are purebred kittens, which will grow in a wonderful and chick cats, with magnificent exterior, excellent health and stable psychics.

My daughter Irina helps me to take care of our pets. Our cats are like family members to us — they live in the same apartment and they are not limited in anything. We don't keep them in cages, never. We also take great care about the health of our cats . We can guarantee that our cats are in a perfect shape and health!

Our princes and princesses will move to their new home’s not earlier, than after 3.5 moths old after full deworming, vaccination, veterinary examination, obtaining European medical passport and pedigree and after signing sales contract. Of course, for us it is very important, that kittens will move to lovely parents, which will love them and treat.

In our cattery you can find and buy for yourself a beloved friend, get advice how to grow and carry about a baby. All the animals in our cattery are grown in love and care. At home they are contacting each other all the time, we have conditions for friendliness and sociability for our pets. And every kitten, which stayed in our cattery or moved to new homes , will be living in our thoughts, soul and heart.

If you have any questions — call us or e-mail us. We will be glad to answer all of them.

The credo of our catteries

  • We never offer "unscheduled kittens" without pedigrees and other documents;
  • Our kids do not leave their mother before they are 3.5 months old;
  • We support the castration and sterilization of our graduates who do not take part in breeding;
  • If a kitten is bought as a "pet" - this does not mean that it is cheap;
  • Pet-class kittens in our cattery grow with the kittens of the show class. We care about all kittens the same way, we are looking for caring new parents;
  • We do not recognize one-time mating of cats supposedly "for health".

Documents of Aleksa Point*LV and Bambielf Mystery*LV Catteries

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